How to avoid fake Shure products?

Shure Against Counterfeiting Shure is committed to providing its customers with high quality products. We want to ensure you always receive an authentic Shure product and avoid disappointment. Occasionally customers contact us with doubts about the authenticity of a product they have purchased or with doubts before purchasing. For that reason a short guide to clear things up.

Background on Fake Shure Products

Unfortunately, counterfeiters actively sell fake Shure products, particularly online, with the majority of transactions taking place via online trading platforms or China-based websites.
A large number of these companies have English language websites, but a small amount of investigation (often through visiting the contact page), will reveal their true location to be China.

Counterfeit products cost much less than the original Shure product, are of a far inferior quality and often do not even resemble the Shure product they are replicating. In order to deceive purchasers and make detection of their fake products more difficult, counterfeit sellers will often post official Shure products pictures, as well as genuine product specifications, and even link directly to our official website.

How to guarantee your Shure product is genuine in the Benelux

The only way to avoid disappointment is to ensure you deal with an authorized Shure reseller. To help make this clearer and easier for customers, we’ve recently refined our list of authorized resellers, building a select network of the very best retailers, who provide a great shopping experience and expert advice.

Shure Partner banner

Authorized dealers are  broken down into 3 categories as follows: Shure Centre, Shure Premium Partner, and Shure Partner. The benefits of each and the nearest outlet to you can be found on our Shure Benelux Dealer Locator:

Shure Dealer Locator Netherlands
Shure Dealer Locator Belgium (NL)
Shure Dealer Locator Belgium (FR)

If you are considering purchasing from a website or shop that is not on our locator, please contact us to confirm authenticity.

In doubt of the authenticity of a product?

When in doubt of the authenticity of a previously purchased product please contact us at or and include a proper image. In consultation we can acknowledge if the product is a genuine Shure product.

Shure Against Counterfeiting

For full details on Shure Against Counterfeiting visit our website:


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