Full HD video quality, bad sound? The Shure VP83F is the solution for all hobby filmmakers

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras offer great quality recordings, however the sound is often neglected. In order to have that same quality in sound, the world’s first DSLR microphone with integrated flash recorder for DSLR cameras came to the market: The Shure VP83F Lens Hopper unidirectional condenser microphone
The Shure VP83F Lens Hopper unidirectional condenser microphone

Even without a camera
The VP83F can also be used without a camera as an autonomous field recorder, for recording a variety of sounds and ambient noise with excellent quality. In developing our sound engineers worked together with specialists and integrated tailor-made Lyre shock absorber.

The VP83F field tested in Kenya

Dean Miles from Location Crew tested the VP83F in Kenya. Without going through the manual, he managed to start his shoot through the user-friendly menu within no time. In the records he noticed no background noise, which is  the main problem when recording sound with a DSLR.

On his blog you can watch an interesting video of the practical test. In this test Dean skillfully switches back and forth between the VP83F and the integrated DSLR microphone. In his option, the VP83F is an inexpensive upgrade to a DSLR camera in terms of sound quality.

More Shure Lens Hopper video’s
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