How To Clean Your Microphone

How to clean your microphone

This is our second “How to” post ( How to clean Shure Earphones ), in these articles we will cover frequently asked questions regarding Shure products. This week:

How to clean your microphone

Let’s face it: a vocal microphone can be loaded with germs, saliva, and other bodily effusion. It is bad enough when the mic is used regularly by the same performer, and it can be even worse when the mic is used by many different performers.  So, what can you do to keep things as hygienic as possible?

Option 1 – add a foam windscreen. A foam windscreen can easily be added or removed. It can be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed in clean water, shaken to remove water droplets, and left to air dry overnight. A clean foam windscreen does a good job at keeping the grill of the mic free from human contaminates. If color windscreens are used, a certain color can be assigned to a certain performer for an added level of hygiene.

Option 2 – provide a different mic grill for each performer. Though more expensive that foam windscreens, grills can be exchanged on most mics. Like a foam windscreen, a removable grill can be washed, rinsed, and air dried.

Option 3 – use “Microphome”. This spray-on product claims to safely disinfect the exterior surface of a microphone. The formula is said to be alcohol-free, anti-microbial, fast-drying, and residue-free. Shure Incorporated has not tested “Microphome” nor does Shure Incorporated endorse it. We can say that our end users have reported satisfactory results.

How to Clean your Microphone

Our friends over at Shure Inc have made this handy video, which demonstrates how you can keep your vocal microphone clean and hygienic. For more information on Shure in the Benelux, visit our websites:

Marc Henshall


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