Upgrade your earbuds / headphones with Shure SE112 earphones & unlock the detail in your music


Shure recently announced a new addition to the SE range of earphones (SE112).
The SE112 is a low-cost, entry-level dynamic driver earphone, suitable for use with any type of music. You can expect a great all round sound with deep, but not over pronounced bass. The new model is the most affordable Shure earphone to-date, making them the perfect upgrade from your standard mp3 player earphones.

Here’s what makes them the perfect upgrade:

Sound Isolation – Keep your music Private
Anyone who commutes on public transport will be fully aware of how irritating it is when you find yourself at the brunt of someone else’s cheap earphone bleed (that familiar sound of tinny sounding hi-hats – grrrr). On the other hand, isn’t it annoying when you’re uncertain if your musical taste is being broadcast to the world! All Shure earphones have a sound isolating design, meaning they effectively block outside noise and isolate your listening experience. They work in a similar way to earplugs and can block out up to 37dB of ambient noise with the correct fit. You’ll no longer be the person everyone tuts at on a train.

Sound Isolation – Protect your ears!
The other benefit to Sound Isolation is better hearing health. Because there is less ambient noise, you don’t need to turn your music up so loud to hear it. Prolonged exposure to loud music can cause hearing damage, such as tinnitus. When used responsibly, Sound Isolating earphones can be part of the solution.

The SE112 was developed with comfort in mind, with the nozzle angle designed to rest naturally in the ear. You can also customise the fit using 3 sizes of soft flex sleeves.

Peace of mind
With all Shure products, you can expect a high level of quality. The SE112 includes a 2 year limited warranty when purchased from an authorised Benelux dealer.
Official Shure dealers in the Netherlands
Official Shure dealers in Belgium (NL)
Official Shure dealers in Belgium (FR)

Sound Quality – Enjoy your music
Life is too short to tolerate bad quality sound. If you’re really into your music, a good pair of earphones is key to getting the most out of your music on the move. If you’re used to stock earbuds, most upgrades will significantly increase the detail in your music. The SE112 is a great upgrade that won’t break the bank.

Shure SE112 (The Netherlands)
Shure SE112 (Belgium NL)
Shure SE112 (Belgium FR)


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