SM31FH Fitness Headset

The new microphones offer improved audio quality for use in fitness studios, presentations and live sound applications.

Shure has expanded its legendary SM microphone series with the introduction of two new headset microphones – the SM31FH fitness headset for fitness trainers and the SM35 performance headset for live sound applications. In addition to this, Shure introduces the PGA31 headset and Centraverse CVL lavalier condenser microphones, which are both ideal for presentations.

“The SM31FH is a lightweight and moisture resistant headset, which can cope with the daily stresses of a gym with no problems. The SM35, however, is the choice for active musicians who sing and play at the same time.” says Ron Hautzinger, Product Manager Pro Audio & Retail at Shure Europe.

“With the PGA31 and the CVL, we have managed to improve the sound and the comfort of some of our existing products while keeping them inexpensive. The PGA31 headset and the CVL lavalier microphone, in combination with the PG wireless systems, provide an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a simple and affordable set-up with Shure’s renowned reliability and sound quality.”

SM35 Performance Headset
The SM35 Performance Headset allows multi-instrumentalists the freedom to express themselves on stage, without compromising sound quality. The SM35 is designed to be worn safely and comfortably on stage – both in small clubs as well as in large arenas.
The SM35 is available with various analog and digital receiver options in the SM Wireless range and is also available within the ULX-D Digital Wireless range.

SM31FH Fitness Headset
Developed according to the needs of fitness trainers; the SM31FH is made out of a hydrophobic material which protects the microphone capsule against corrosion through sweat. In addition to the lightweight construction, secure fit and discreet design of the SM31FH, it also offers crystal clear sound, even when used for several hours in the gym. The SM31FH is available in orange and can be combined with various analog and digital receiver options in the SM Wireless range.

PGA31 Headset
The new, versatile PGA31 headset conveniently delivers clean sound for a variety of applications to singers and presenters, whether they’re singing on stage or talking at the lectern. The PGA31 is available with various analog receiver options in the PG Wireless range.

CVL Lavalier Microphone
The new CVL lavalier microphone has been developed with the understanding that the best sound possible not only for live performances on stage, but also for speech applications, should be an essential prerequisite. It offers presenters and moderators an easily manageable microphone solution with improved sound quality at an affordable price.
The CVL lavalier microphone is available with various analog receiver options in the PG Wireless range.  SM31FH / SM35 / PGA31 / CVL SM31FH / SM35 / PGA31 / CVL


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