QLX-D Digital Wireless System

Shure recently introduced QLX-D, the latest in digital wireless microphone systems. But with so many other wireless systems on the market, what makes the new Shure system special?

Put simply, the new Shure QLX-D wireless system uses the same technology as higher end Shure digital wireless systems in a more affordable package with a streamlined feature set. However, before we understand the importance of this, we first need to take a step back….

All roads lead on from Axient

During a time of great uncertainty for the RF spectrum, with an increasingly crowded environment, and greater pressure from mobile phone companies to allocate more and more space for high speed mobile internet, Shure introduced Axient Wireless.

In a nutshell, Axient delivers a dramatic new threshold of control and confidence in RF applications with zero tolerance for failure. This is achieved through advanced features, such as: spectrum management, interference detection and avoidance, and advanced power management. With the future of the RF spectrum remaining uncertain, such features are essential for mission critical wireless applications, where interference is simply not an option.

Recognising the importance of Axient’s feature-set in delivering a future proof wireless solution, Shure have set upon (wherever possible) bringing the same advanced technology to their entire wireless product range – starting with ULX-D in the professional range, and now with QLX-D, the entry into pro quality.


Shure QLX-D – Incredibly Efficient Wireless

QLX-D packs in a lot of sophistication and delivers incredible wireless audio performance. It has outstanding spectrum efficiency and frequency bands covering up to 72 MHz, allowing QLX-D users to operate more channels on-air than with any other wireless system in its class!

Other key features include:

  • An all-metal construction, built to match demanding environments.
  • AES-256 encryption as standard, which can be enabled for secure wireless transmission.
  • Intelligent lithium-ion rechargeable power options. Providing up to ten hours of continuous use and reporting remaining runtime in hours and minutes.

For more information on what makes QLX-D a leader in its class and why Shure are leading the Digital Wireless Revolution, watch the video overview below or visit the QLX-D overview page on shure.be or shure.nl.


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