Shure SE846 Review Summary

The Shure SE846 is the flagship model in the Sound Isolating Earphones category and also the most expensive one.
The big question is, are they worth the investment?

SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones

In the end it comes down to your own preferences and the following factors:

  • What is the quality of your existing sound source and gear?
  • How much do you prioritize audiophile sound quality.

If you currently own a top quality portable audio player, or are the owner of high end hi-fi equipment, the SE846 will ensure you get the most from your sound source.

To help you distinguish the difference between the SE846 and other high-end earphones, we’ve rounded up a few recent reviews below..
(To find out the main differences between the SE535 and the SE846, read our previous blog post “What’s the difference between the SE535 & SE846”)

What Hi-Fi Review

Rating: 5/5

“You’d have to spend thousands of pounds on speakers before you find as much detail.”

“It’s fair to say they’re the most capable in-ears we’ve heard.”

Read the full review

Rating: 9/10

“stunning examples of what can be done with audio engineering in 2014″

Read the full review

“Bass rarely gets better than this. If you have the cash to spend and want audiophile earphones that can pump out the low end, you need to hear the Shure SE846.”

Read the full review


“This is why the price is so high — the miniaturization of tech at this level wasn’t even available in 2012.”

Read the full review

Unbox Therapy

“The Best earphones I have ever heard”

For more information about the SE846 visit our website: in Dutch | in French


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