QLX-D Digital Wireless video overview

QLX-D Digital Wireless SystemsShure recently launched the new QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems.
This system is packed with technology and delivers incredible wireless audio performance, allowing users to operate more channels on-air than any other wireless system in its class.

To give you an overview we’ve rounded up the videos of the key features.

QLX-D transmits accurate audio with extended flat frequency response

The antennas of the bodypack are detachable and easy to replace

Secure transmission due to the AES-256 Encryption Standard

19 inch rack mounting available with mounting kit included 

Remote monitoring and control of the system

The Bodypack Transmitter

The Handheld

Digital Wireless Receiver, featuring 24-bit digital audio quality and incredibly efficient RF spectrum usage

Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries reduces costs and extends battery lifetime

Transparent audio that captures every detail of the performance

More channels on air (up to 22) and solid coverage over the full 100m operating range

Automatically optimise the dynamic range for any level of input source

Wide selection of Mics

For more information visit our website:
In Dutch  | In French 


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