First look at the DC 5900 F Flush-mounted Discussion Unit

We at Shure are proud to introduce a new solution for installed conferencing applications. The DDS 5900 F Flush-Mounted Discussion Unit is an attractive alternative for those meeting rooms where there is a need for a permanent discussion system and the aesthetic is a priority. Working with our DDS 5900 series, it easily installs in a tabletop with all the cables conveniently hidden below.


Take a “first look” at the DDS5900 F with Chris Lyons:

The DDS5900 F uses an innovative modular design that provides numerous configuration options. The complete unit consists of a base unit, front plate, button overlay, gooseneck microphone and an optional external loudspeaker. By selecting different combinations of components, the system can be configured with the controls, loudspeaker placement and alternate language selection capabilities that the installation requires.

For more information about the DIS 5900 Digital Discussion System, visit our website: for Dutch: | For French:

Read more about conferencing systems in our previous post: Conferencing Solutions: When to Choose a Digital Discussion System.


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