“Shure, never a problem, always the solution”


We recently interviewed Jan van Antwerpen, live sound engineer for over 30 years. Some of the artists he works with are: Caro Emmerald, Candy Dulver, Kraak & Smaak and New Cool Collective.

Why Shure

Jan: Above all, the sound is very good and it is extremely reliable. In 30 years it has never let me down.
And the artists I work with tell me it is really pleasant to work with Shure.

Shure is never a problem, but always the solution.

Shure, a unique brand

Jan: Unique to Shure is a certain sound that is reflected in all products. In our world we call it fat, things sound fat. Whether it is in-ears or microphones it applies to all products. And that matches my personal taste.

Favorite products

Jan:  One of my favorite products is the AXT600 Spectrum Manager from Axient (NL | FR). In times where it is difficult to find free frequencies for transmitters and in-ears this product is a blessing to have. The Spectrum Manager searches and finds free frequencies and assigns them automatically. That is really convenient and I can recommend this to everyone.

Furthermore the usual SM57 (NL | FR) multi-purpose microphone that everyone still uses for the most varied situations and purposes.

My personal favorite is the BETA91 base drum microphone (NL | FR), I always get good results with it.

Shure is different

Jan:  I Love working with Shure because it is an innovative company. Often they are the first with new products on the market and the rest follows quickly.
Important is that it is great to work with and reliable.

And the most important thing is that it sounds good, everything they make!

Watch the interview ( Dutch )


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