The Roots – Mics of the Tonight Show

Mics the RootsBy now, you’ve heard the news that Jimmy Fallon is the new host of the late-night pinnacle that is The Tonight Show. You may have even seen an episode or two, or at least caught some of Jimmy’s celebrity-tinged antics on YouTube the next day. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s quite a bit different from the days of Carson and Leno… Fallon’s sense of humor is second to none, and it is amazing to see what he can convince his celebrity friends to take part in.

Still one of Fallon’s biggest loves is the musical portion of the show, which is why he chose to bring along his friends from The Roots to continue as the house band on this new version of The Tonight Show. Along with The Roots came an arsenal of Shure mics and wireless systems. Perhaps you’ve even noticed a few here and there? I’m certain you’ve noticed Jimmy’s chromed-out Axient® SM58® handhelds, which he uses for musical numbers with guests.

I recently spoke with Musical Director Keith McPhee about the Shure mics on the show and their applications on the band stand. Keith not only sent along a list of mics, but also included some beautiful imagery (sans band) to illustrate what these mics are used for. Scroll down just a bit and see if you can identify the mics before you take a look at the list. Everything on the show is Shure, and I can tell you they put this stuff to the test night after night. Be sure to catch a future show to see and hear these mics in action!
Cory Lorentz – Artist Relations Manager at Shure Inc.

Questlove and Black Thought’s Mics

Mics the Roots2

1 Questlove VoxBeta 58 2 Drum RackBeta 98AMP 3 Questlove TalkbackBeta 57 4 Black Thought’s VoxKSM9HS 5 Hi HatKSM137 6 Snare Top 1Beta 181 7 Snare Top 2KSM32 8 Snare Bottom 1 Beta 181 9 Kick 1Beta 91A 10 Kick 2Beta 52

Knuckles, Captain Kirk, and Questlove’s Mics

Mics the Roots3

11 GuitarKSM32 12 Conga LowBeta 98AMP 13 BongosBeta 98AMP 14 Conga HighBeta 98AMP 15 Drum UnderheadSM81

Tuba Gooding Jr., James Poyser, Kamal Gray, and Mark Kelley’s Mics

Mics the Roots4

16 Damon VoxBeta 58 17 FluteSM58S 18 Kamal VoxBeta 58 19 SaxKSM32 20 TrumpetKSM313 21 James Vox – Beta 58 22 Mark VoxBeta 58

Complete list of Shure Microphones
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