SM and BETA Digital Wireless Systems, Receive a Second Battery for Free

SM BETA Digital Wireless

If you are in the market for a new Digital Wireless System, consider an SM or BETA Digital Wireless System from Shure.
Shure SM and BETA Digital Wireless Systems deliver excellent sound quality and wireless reliability. Systems are available in various microphone configurations, for example with the SM58: The industry leading professional microphone for everyday use, club gigs and studio projects.

In addition, when you buy an SM or BETA Digital Wireless System you will now receive a second batter for free! *

Battery promotion

Intelligent rechargeable functionality
SM and BETA Digital Wireless Systems are equipped with special lithium-ion batteries, fully charged they have an operation time of 16 hours. This battery is extremely durable and economical. One lithium-ion battery is equal to 2.500 standard alkaline disposable batteries!
Think about all those AA batteries you won’t need.  The benefit of this is twofold: batteries are costly, and you can’t monitor how much time you have left before they run out. We’ve all been in that situation where you end up having to throw out perfectly decent batteries in order to reduce the risk of a drop out during that crucial guitar solo. With advanced GLX-D power monitoring features, you’ll be able to rely on your battery charge and the unit will pay for itself in no time!

Additional advantages include being able to charge through multiple methods, including the ability to charge through any USB power source.
So, imagine this scenario; you turn up to your venue and realise you’re out of power. However, thanks to the convenience and abundance of USB, you’re able to charge your battery off a laptop or in your car. 15 minutes of charge alone will reward you with 90 minutes run time, which is more than enough to get you through the first set and then some.

Automatic frequency management
The whole concept of SM and BETA wireless systems was to bring advanced wireless features to an affordable level, without the user having to think about setup. With LINKFREQ technology, all you have to do, is switch the unit on – the transmitter and receiver will then automatically find each other. The receiver, which has frequencies and backup frequencies on each usable channel, assesses the environment and automatically puts you on the best available frequencies. If there’s ever any RF interference, the receiver will seamlessly switch frequencies to ensure that you are always on the cleanest available frequency. You’ll have peace of mind at every gig, without having to be an RF wizard.

Globally License Free
All Shure GLX-D systems operate in the 2.4GHz frequency band, meaning you can tour with your band anywhere in the world and the system will work reliably. No costly license fees required.

Visit our website for more information on SM and BETA Digital Wireless Systems:

  • SM Digital Wireless (FR | NL)
  • BETA Digital Wireless (FR | NL)

SM and BETA Digital Wireless Systems are available from authorised Shure Dealers in the Benelux.
Find a Shure dealer near you on our dealer locator:

* Promotion is only valid in the Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands)

* Available for Systems purchased between 18th of October 2014 and 21st January 2015, while stocks last.


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