Battle of the Batteries – Shure Battery technology versus conventional batteries


Not all batteries are equal and this statement extends to the Shure SB902 lithium-ion battery.

One SB902 replaces up to 2,500 alkaline disposable batteries!

The Shure SB902 features rechargeable technology which was first introduced as part of our flagship wireless system, Axient. This technology set a new standard for real-time monitoring and life cycle management of batteries and chargers!
Streamlined versions of the advanced power system are now available in many other Shure systems, including SM and Beta Digital Wireless Systems.

The custom Shure rechargeable lithium-ion battery found in Digital SM and Beta system replaces up to 2,500 alkaline batteries and delivers:

  • Up to 10,000 hours of operating time per battery
  • Up to 16 hours of continuous use
  • 3 hour charge = up to 16 hours use
  • 1 hour charge = up to 6 hours use
  • 30 minute charge = up to 3 hours use
  • 15 minute charge = up to 1.5 hours use

Second battery for free!
We’re offering a FREE spare battery with your purchase of any Shure SM and Beta Digital Wireless System.

SM and Beta Digital Wireless Systems are available from Authorised Shure Dealers in the Benelux.
Find a Shure dealer:

* Promotion is only valid in the Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands)

* Available for systems purchased between 18th October 2014 and 21st January 2015, while stocks last.

Battle of the Batteries – infographic

Battle of the Batteries



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