Experience SRH Headphones

SRH Headphones

Shure delivers a complete range of listening options expertly crafted from over eight decades of audio innovation.

They are an excellent choice for music professionals and music obsessives – for audiophile listening, DJing and critical reference. But which headphone is the right choice for you?

This depends entirely on your listening application. Shure SRH headphones can be sorted in four groups: Portable, Professional or Studio, DJ and Premium. The headphones in each group feature characteristics and benefits, tailored for the listening needs in specific applications.

For a good comparison you need to know and understand the different specifications which are used. Read our previous post Headphone specifications for more information on this subject.

Try it yourself!
We’ve equipped a selected group of Shure Premium Partners with headphones displays! You can simply connect your own mobile device and test various models with your own music.
You can experience SRH Headphones at the following locations:


For more detailed information visit our headphone overview page in Dutch or French. Or watch the video.


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