On our blog several Shure employees regularly report on new products, the latest contest, events, interesting music related content and many technical tips for microphones and audio technology.

Michel Baars

Michel Baars is a Marketing Specialist at Shure Distribution Benelux. He has a BS in Media and Information Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Despite the fact that he doesn´t have a background in audio, nowadays it is impossible to watch television or listen to live music with him, without  any comments about the mics being used. If the Dutch weather allows it he can be found on his racing bicycle.

Tamara Neeskens

Recently, Tamara joined Shure as a Marketing Specialist. She has a background in Sports Marketing, but her other big love is Music. In her spare time she likes to watch and do sports (obviously), listen to music always and everywhere (also a no-brainer), read interesting books, travel and spend time with her loved ones.

Eric Rutten
Product Manager